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Saved by the iPhone

This past weekend I headed down to NYC to visit with friends and attend a Cards/Mets..  On the way back in the wee hours of the morning, I stopped in Milford, CT to get gas. I stopped at a red … Continue reading

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State budget deficits and State “color”

My curiosity hit again this afternoon after looking at the numbers on state budget deficits presented by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities I put these numbers in the spreadsheet I put together for my last post and looked … Continue reading

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Chase requires insecure passwords?

I went to change my password for my credit card the other day and found that my credit card company has some pretty silly requirements.  Must contain 7-32 characters  Must include at least one number and one letter  Cannot include … Continue reading

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Dreamhost… yay!?

So, I got a response from dreamhost support.. Thank you for contacting me again in regards to your issue Ian. I justgot off the phone with one of our System Administrators. We notice that the triton server has been having … Continue reading

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First pOts!

No one should even know this exists at the moment, so I don’t care so much that this is about a plain a wordpress site as you can get…  

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