Saved by the iPhone

This past weekend I headed down to NYC to visit with friends and attend a Cards/Mets..  On the way back in the wee hours of the morning, I stopped in Milford, CT to get gas. I stopped at a red light and waited… and waited.. I tried moving up and back to trip the sensor, but it never changed. After at least 3 minutes and there wasn’t another car in sight, so I ran the red light.

Sure enough, I get pulled over… The officer asked for my documents, but my insurance card is expired. Oh no! I quickly go to, login and have my proof of insurance document emailed to me. A minute later, I have a PDF attachment which I showed to the officer. He and another officer puzzled over it for a minute or so and decided it was good enough.

I ended up only getting a written warning for the red light (because the cop said he watched the whole ordeal from his “hiding spot” and saw me jockeying trying to trip the sensor).

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