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Cincinnati BMX

Saturday morning Jeremy and I left before the crack of dawn for a day of bmx fun at Ollie’s skatepark in Florence, KY. After meeting up with Mark in Paris, IL we rolled across Indiana and on to the skatepark. … Continue reading

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Leopard Quirks

I’ve been running Mac OS X Leopard for a few days now and I’ve run into a few quirks/bugs. Quicklook previews with inconsistent locations I’ve haven’t quite sorted out where Quicklook stores its prefs, but I’ve had Quicklook throw its … Continue reading

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Dreamhost… yay!?

So, I got a response from dreamhost support.. Thank you for contacting me again in regards to your issue Ian. I justgot off the phone with one of our System Administrators. We notice that the triton server has been having … Continue reading

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Dreamhost… ugh.

So, I finally decide to register and use the domain and I shop around and decide to use dreamhost. I knew going in that it is shared hosting and that performance of the server is very much dependent on … Continue reading

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How not to do it…

At work we have a (necessarily) complicated printing system for the student computer labs. Mac and PC workstations print via LPR to Windows print queues. On the Windows Server 2003 box Pcounter takes control of releasing jobs and charging student/faculty … Continue reading

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Top of the world (the northeast anyway..)

At the top Tara and I visited Mount Washington on 10/06/2007. When we left Rehoboth, it was warm and sunny, but by the time we got to Conway, NH (the most congested little town in the world) it was overcast … Continue reading

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