I took the Mac OS X Support Essentials v10.5 exam yesterday at Parkland’s Prometric testing center. After waiting an hour and a half for them to get the testing workstation set up, I cranked through the 90 questions in 40 minutes. The test was pretty fair, but a couple of questions were ambiguous and one I SWEAR had two correct answers. I’m somewhat embarrassed that I missed 8, but you only need 73% to pass, so my 91% was more than enough. I’m still trying to get the details from Apple, but its safe to say that I’m now an Apple Certified Support Professional

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  1. Steven Cox says:

    Congrats! I’m scheduled for mine on May 23. We always knew you’d amount to something (HA HA). I think they should have handed you the certificate just for the system save at Christmas! hope things are well – talk to you soon!

  2. Tara says:

    hunny i miss your blogs…

    I love you!

  3. Manit says:

    Hi. I genuinely enoejyd reading your current blog post!. Very good information. I would have to recommend you to come up with posts even more regularly. By doing this, with this kind of a worthy blog I think that you might rank better in the search engines . I also subscribed for your Rss. Carry on the good work!

  4. Gamze says:

    Jason:Whatever personal deeierfncfs you and I have had/have, I support you 100% in your journey towards spiritual growth and personal liberation. I have been in recovery for 13 months and am just now beginning to bear the fruits of the many principles I have learned (but certainly have not mastered): acceptance, tolerance and, most importantly, letting go.Good luck on your journey. You will soon know a level of peace and contentment you never thought possible.

  5. Mimoun says:

    I love that you are blogging about the tgnhis you are savoring each day. Thanks for continuing to share Sara’s story with the world. I was blessed to attend college with her and know her after that in many different instances. I think of her every day and she changed my way of thinking about how I see the world each day too!

  6. Renato says:

    Um, I mean this in the nicest, most stioprupve way, but you don’t have ANYTHING to worry about in terms of getting a diagnosis that will keep the insurance payments coming. I was in my current therapist’s office for about five minutes before she was writing down some scary-sounding disorder that I have. There are so many general anxiety conditions they can use that I can’t imagine there is anyone on the planet who is not eligible. You really don’t have to be picking imaginary bugs from your skin and popping them in your mouth to get insurance coverage these days—we are all mentally ill. Just make sure the HMO doesn’t find out about your blog since that will reveal your pre-existing condition.

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