Leopard Server

Last week I went over to ISU in Bloomington for an Active Directory/OS X integration seminar.  It was 99% stuff that I had already done, but Mike Bombich shared a couple of hints of what was coming in Leopard Server dealing with folder redirection.  I’ll get another look November 1st at the CCSP conference.  I’m hoping that we can finally find a way to have network home directories for students.  Currently its just not possible, since we have no control of the user objects in the campus AD. What I really need is an ADC membership to get pre-release software, if anyone wants to sign me up. 

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  1. Vinay says:

    apla eisai xazos kai de ksreis mia!!!!ta aiernts einai pampalaia kai siga siga aposuronte kai ta perifima bmp3 einai ta xeirorotera toma ever des tha aksiologiseis tou e.s gi auta ta sarabala pou phgame na plhrwsoume xrhsa…..epeishs otan milame gia polhsh enooume merous twn metoxwn……asxete!!!!

  2. Denise says:

    Crumb Boss I just wanted to let you that I have rellay enjoyed your blog the couple of days. I have just found it. I can not wait you try your red velvet cake. My question to is I would like to to make a purple velvet cake. If I sub your red food colouring for purple would the cake still be okay. I have heard that purple sometimes turn brown. What do you think. Thanks so much for taking the time to answering my questioned. I don’t have a website but I do have a business page on Facebook it is called Linda’s Cakes, Cards and more. I have pictures there of my work. I hope you could take sometime and have a look.

  3. Anyeli says:

    Hi Crumb Boss, I finally tried the Vanilla Cake 2 reicpe. They are cooling now, but taste delicious. Only problem is that when baking I had nice high domes, until about 2 minutes before I took them out of the oven, When I did, they all went flat. I have had this happen with other cupcakes too (mostly vanilla ), so do you know what might cause this to happen. I followed the reicpe along with you as I was doing it. The only thing I did was I had 4 eggs added ( one at a time ) before I realized I should add the flour in between the eggs. I would appreciate your input. Thank you!

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